Great Hall Games in Austin, Texas

Games the "old-fashioned" way-- face to face over a table top! No batteries, no electricity, no computer required.
5501 North Lamar, Suite A-135
Austin, Texas, 78751

1 block south of the Lamar & Koenig/2222 light

Open 7 Days a week!
Store Hours & Events

In Long/Lat they are: 3019'22.4940" North, 09743'41.4120" West

We have more in the store than we could ever put on this web site, so come in if you have a chance!

If you can only visit us through the web, then be assured that WE ARE A SECURE WEB SITE. This is noted when you begin payment options.

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We have a forum at
It is for all the gaming clubs and groups that meet or buy from GHG.

  • miniatures
  • board wargames
  • general board and card games
  • go
  • chess

  • The forums include areas for general discussion, event announcements/discussion, news, reviews, etc.
    There is also a calendar to help all the groups keep track of events and even a sign up option if you want to schedule a game and see how many people are interested.
    Anyway, come over and check it out. And please let players from your clubs know it's available. Hope you find it useful!

    A Great Hall for entertaining gamers!